Olivia Dreisinger

Access Consulting

I specialize in access consulting in academic, art, or community spaces.

What I offer:

  • Host alt text workshops for organizations or universities. I can also write alt text for your digital media.
  • Consult on access practices in film (ex. closed-captions, audio description, budgeting for access). I have served as a committee member on the International Documentary Assoctiation's Nonfiction Access Initiative since 2022.
  • Provide accessibility and Disability Justice training to organizations.

  • Please get in touch at oliviadreisinger@gmail.com

    About me:

    I am a disabled writer, filmmaker, and PhD candidate at the University of British Columbia. My current dissertation research is interested in how people with medically unexplained illnesses — illnesses that evade contemporary medical detection or explanation — build ethos, or credibility. I have two major projects coming out this year: What Kind of Mother, a documentary about my mother's suicide, and Alt Text Selfies, a collaborative project with artists Finnegan Shannon and Bojana Coklyat that celebrates alt text selfies (the image descriptions that accompany self-portraits online).

    My work has been supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, BC Arts Council, the National Film Board of Canada, and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council. In 2021, I received the Emerging Digital Artist Award from EQ Bank. In 2023, I was part of two emerging filmmaker programs, DOXA's Kris Anderson Connexions Mentorship Program and VIFF's Catalyst Mentorship program.

    Check out my free resource Make Events Accessible: A disability primer for organizers (2019) or take a look at my CV.